05How to become Australian Certified Organic

  1. Before you begin producing your product, head to aco.net.au to download an information kit on the organic standard, and the form: "Application for Certification"
  2. Complete the forms: "Application for Certification", a statutory declaration outlining your recipe, an organic management plan template to demonstrate how you will correctly handle your organic ingredients and a certification agreement. Review your operation and recipes to ensure you are complying with the Standard. 
  3. Submit forms to ACO Certification Ltd with required payment for certification.
  4. Once ACO Certification Ltd has reviewed your forms, make any additions or changes based on their feedback.
  5. Await approval from ACO Certification Ltd.
  6. Once approved, you will be assigned an auditor. During the audit process, any samples taken will be sent to a laboratory for testing.
  7. Receive audit feedback, and close out any corrective actions necessary.
  8. Obtain certification of compliance and receive a unique certification number to be placed on your product.


You can now produce as an Australian Certified Organic Product!